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Rockport Indoor Soccer | An Interview with CEO, Jonathan Cueva

Learn more about this unique experience for soccer players of all ages as we dive deep with CEO of Rockport Indoor Soccer, Jonathan Cueva.

Rockport Indoor Soccer is one of Georgia's premiere locations for year-round training, leagues, and camps. Founded on a mission to grow the game of soccer in a fun, affordable environment, Jonathan Cueva brings his passion and years of leadership within the soccer community to Rockport. GAS had the unique opportunity to produce the commercial highlighting this great facility and we even sat down for an interview with Jonathan to learn more about his passion for the game and how he is applying it to Rockport.

View the commercial below produced by our sports video production team and read the one-on-one interview with Jonathan.

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The Interview

GAS: Hi Jonathan. Tell us a little about yourself and what your role is here at Rockport Indoor Soccer.

Jonathan Cueva: Yes, thank you. My name is Jonathan Cueva and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Rockport Indoor Soccer.

GAS: What led you to create Rockport Indoor Soccer? There is a huge following of soccer in Atlanta and having a facility like this is a really unique circumstance for athletes in the area. What drove you to develop this athletic facility?

Jonathan Cueva: I think I saw the need in the market for athletes wanting to continue playing throughout the year, especially in the winter time. At this time of year in Georgia - December, January, February, March, it’s tough to play outside due to the snow, a lot of rain, and different circumstances with the weather. This soccer facility allows players to continue practicing, playing, and doing exactly what they need to do keep their performance up.

If you’re playing soccer, fall league finishes by November and you have to wait four months to go back around March and start playing. This gives athletes the ability to continue playing year-round and continue developing their craft without any pause in their athletic training.

GAS: What exactly is Rockport Indoor Soccer? What services do you offer?

Jonathan Cueva: This is an extension of soccer. What we do here is offer options for players of all ages. For ages four and five, we have a junior program where we introduce concepts of the game of soccer. We have the futsal winter league which is our biggest product. We have over 400 players every year between the months of December and January where teams compete. That’s one of the most popular options we have during the winter time. Also, we concentrate on a soccer-specific fitness. That’s one of the major differences in our focus. Instead of just running for running or jumping for jumping, we make it very specific, relating to soccer and what you are going to experiencing in-game. Overall, it is an extension for soccer players to become better. And one of my major goals is to keep it affordable.

GAS: What is it that makes Rockport Indoor Soccer so unique, so special?

Jonathan Cueva: This probably comes a little bit from my personal taste... we want to give the player the freedom of learning by themselves, making mistakes, and playing the game. The more you play - the better you become. And we also want to put a little bit of street flavor in the experience to give you the freedom of expression when you’re playing the game of soccer. And that’s probably one of the major ideas behind the whole project.

We have great coaching but a big part is for players to be able to just play the game and enjoy the game. We have adult leagues. We have women’s leagues. We have over-35 (years old) leagues. People are still playing because it’s absolutely fun, it’s healthy, and a great way to enjoy the game.

GAS: What unique opportunities do athletes receive here that they may not at other locations?

Jonathan Cueva: The diversity of programs that we offer. We have a little bit of everything for every level, every age. It’s not a one-size-fits all kind of thing. What you need, we can tailor to fit your needs.

GAS: What can families expect when they bring their athletes to Rockport?

Jonathan Cueva: It’s the experience. There are a lot of indoor leagues. We try to make it competitive. If you play in any of our leagues, they will be as competitive as they can be. And you will have a great time!

GAS: What is one thing that people should know about Rockport Indoor Soccer?

Jonathan Cueva: It’s all about making memories. We’re in the business of soccer because growing up, we had a great experience playing soccer and we want to pass that on and help you fall in love with the game and continue playing.

More About Jonathan Cueva

Jonathan stays busy in the world of Georgia soccer as Ceo of Rockport and as Executive Director at Lanier Soccer Association. Jonathan has coached every level of soccer from the U-9 Academy to the top age groups of the MLS Next Program. He also led the first LSA team in club history to advance to the Regional Premier League. Lanier Soccer Association offers soccer with some of the lowest fees in the state, creating an affordable, meaningful soccer experience. Lanier Soccer Association encourages athletes to achieve a high level of self-confidence and satisfaction through the game, while improving their soccer skills and developing a respect for the game.

Our Involvement with Lanier Soccer Association and Rockport Indoor Soccer

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View our video for the LSA Sharks featuring Jonathan Cueva. This promotional film promotes the Sharks partnership MLS Next. MLS Next gives athletes an opportunity to play a high level of competition and increase their chances of playing soccer at the next level.

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