Top 15 Summer 2022 Highlight Reels

This summer lacrosse season, our sports video production company had the opportunity to work with so many great athletes across the country featuring athletes from Georgia, Utah, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, and more states across the nation.

The Summer 2022 season was a great one where we saw a huge crop of rising athletes - a lot to name from the young 2025 class - graduating 2023 class.

These athletes use their highlight reels to showcase their best plays while presenting their film to college coaches as they approach their summer tournaments, showcases, and are working diligently throughout their college recruiting process.

Each highlight reel includes color-coordinated tracking graphics so coaches never lose sight of your athlete, dynamic biography intro pages featuring their stats and accomplishments, and extra fast delivery to get your recruiting film in the hands of coaches sooner. We can edit your footage from Hudl, tournament links, clips you filmed, and any video you have of your athlete.

Interested in a highlight reel for your athlete? Order your college recruiting film here.

Below is our list of the Top 15 Highlight Reels from the Summer 2022 Lacrosse season (in no particular order).