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Top 10 Summer Lacrosse Tournament Accessories

Rule the field this summer in style, while staying cool at your summer lacrosse tournaments with these awesome lacrosse products.

As an Amazon Associate, this post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission from qualifying purchases.

Summer tournaments are a fun time for your athlete to travel and play against teams from all across the country from Maryland to Colorado and from Georgia to the Carolinas.

Plain and simple, tournaments are fun but they are also all day events with any where from 3-5 games per day, soaking in the summer sun. It's the 21st century and we're bringing you all of the cool gadgets, tech, and accessories to rule these tournaments in style and comfort.

In the spirit of the summer lacrosse tournament season kicking up, check out these accessories have the exact right mix of being fun and useful for you to use while going about your day on the weekends. Let's get into the Top 10 Summer Lacrosse Accessories that you can purchase on Amazon.

Sit back and reLAX.

Yeti is known for their quality and ability to keep your drinks icy cold ALL DAY LONG.

When the games run long and the heat just won’t stop getting hotter, being able to transport bottles of cold, refreshing Gatorade, water, and sports drinks is a total game changer. Keep this cooler on the sideline for your team or under your tent in the tournament village. The cooler comes in an assortment of colors so you can even match it to your team's colors - talk about swag.

Using the designed NeverFlat wheels, the Yeti cooler is functional on any type of terrain (take it on the turf, grass, and wheel it through the gravel lots) This cooler is built to be virtually indestructible, making it a perfect addition to your summer lineup for just $400.

Shop the Monster Rockin' Speaker on Amazon

This one can get extremely fun extremely quick, with the Monster Rockin’ Roller Portable Speaker. Your team is going to love rolling up to the field playing their favorite tunes on this high quality speaker. It rocks, it rolls, it sounds amazing.

If you want that energy to get you pumped up in pregame warm-ups or if you want to celebrate a big victory, this speaker is exactly what you need! With up to 100 hours of battery life, don’t worry about running out of that precious music time.

Weather resistant, there is no need to be nervous about weather raining on your parade, as the Rockin’ Roller’s exterior is resistant against rain, sleet and snow, protecting against those hot, wet weather conditions that can pop up at tournaments.

For just $299, pregames and postgames of sporting events can become entertaining, guaranteed!

Shop the EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent on Amazon

Everyone knows that a tent is essential for your players and families to chill out between games, unwinding after a big game without being blasted by 100-degree heat.

Sometimes, just the adventure of trying to find a big tree with some glimpses of shade underneath it is a hassle in itself. However, with the EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent, you can cover up to 100 square feet of shade easily, and it’s perfect for setting up a spot for your players to hydrate and relax between each game. The perfect spot for parents to hang out and set up their portable chairs.

Choose from a variety of colors to match your team's logo. Taking just seconds to set up, the Pop Up Tent is super simple to use. All you have to do is pull the cover over the fully extended frame and layer the fabric over the top of it, and you’re finished. An amazing, shady haven assembled right in front of your eyes!

For under $300 this tent will literally be the coolest spot in the park.

Amazon's top-selling camcorder is our #1 choice for parents choosing to film their athletes' tournament games.

The experience of watching your child-athlete play is priceless, but being able to relive those memories over again and use for their college recruiting video is something that the Canon VIXIA Camcorder can do for you at a super high-quality.

Owning one of these top tier digital cameras allows you to get further on the field, with an optical zoom lens that gets you a zoom-in headway of 20x, recording the action in a stunning 4K/1080p resolution.

If you’d like to record your athlete’s highlights, review footage for game film, or even put together a masterful highlight tape to send off to college scouts and coaches, the recording quality of this camera is worth the purchase.

Shop the Cornhole Set on Amazon

One of the most iconic pieces of tailgating equipment can now be yours for just under $200, as a full cornhole set complete with bean bags is there for the taking - and in a variety of colors to match your team's colors.

This product can be used for anybody - players, coaches, and parents. Create a fun, tailgate like experience at the tournament. This is a great team-bonding experience to hang out between games or play at the hotel after a hard-working performance. Parents can play this too while chilling by their tents between games.

With optional LED lights and a convenient carrying case, this cornhole set can be used at any time, day or night, paving the way for constant fun that never has to end... or until you have to take the field.

Shop the Reef Mulligan Slides on Amazon

Everyone knows that wonderful feeling - that comfortable sensation of turf between your toes while walking barefoot. Now, thanks to Reef, that feeling can come with you wherever you go, right on your feet!

Reef’s Mulligan Slide Sandals are the perfect purchase for those who want to experience the authenticity of the barefoot turf feel while on the move, designed with an imported fairway footbed with a molded golf-ball logo on the outer sole.

This stylish slip-on is fun to wear indoors and outdoors - and feels SO GOOD when taking off your lacrosse cleats after a long day at the field. A great accessory for everyone at the field.

Get a FREE 30 Day Trial of Audible Plus

One of the most exciting, yet grueling parts of summer lacrosse tournaments is the travel. From group caravans to road trips to long plane rides, there is plenty of time that can be spent listening to the same old music - or listening to a new, exciting book or podcast. And, without question, the best option for new books, audiobooks, and podcasts is Audible Plus.

Audible, Amazon’s book streaming service, allows you full access to unlimited book titles, podcasts and albums a small monthly fee, with exclusive access to thousands of digital book options for a low price.

Connecting to almost any mobile device while on the road, this is a great way to pass the time, learn, and be entertained while on the way to your summer lacrosse tournament.

Shop the Malidak Sunglasses on Amazon

The 90's called - they want their shades back.

These MALIDAK Sports Sunglasses are the perfect blend of stylish eyewear with classic UV protection against the elements.

This style of sunglasses is definitely the most popular and have been seen on influencers all across the internet.

Coming in tons of different styles and priced around $15, these sunglasses are essential to blocking the sun out while turning your swag all the way up to 11.

For the moments where the sun’s beams just become too hot to handle, the MISSION Sun Defender Cooling Hat is a nifty piece of technology that you don’t want to miss out on having during the lacrosse tournament season.

In a simple three-step process, this stylish safari hat can cool your head in a matter of seconds with one very straightforward and popular tagline – just add water!

That’s right, by just wetting the interior band with water, and wringing out the excess, your hat’s band will activate a very special cooling process in less than a minute - cooling you off so you can focus on the game and not how you are totally melting in the summer sun.

With a comfortable fit that’s easily adjustable, this sun-blocking hat with built-in cooling tech is optimal for staying cozy outdoors.

A portable generator, although maybe not on the top of your list of your must-buys, is a life saver for the days when you need that extra bit of power. Power up your phone, camera, fans, and more on this smart piece of tech.

Able to charge six different devices at any moment at the exact same time, this generator works like a charm, as you’re able to take it with you wherever you’d like, thanks to its compact design and simple portability! This item should be an essential in every parent's arsenal this season.

It's time to gear up this summer and take on your next summer tournament in style and comfort. Shop more great products on Amazon today.


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