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Morgan Petroff - Top 2024 Lacrosse Player | Watch Her Highlights Now

Morgan Petroff, sophomore at Walton High School in Marietta, GA releases her Summer/Fall 2021 Lacrosse Highlight Reel. Petroff is a star on the Eagle Stix 2024 Blue team and is easily one of Georgia's top female players to watch right now.

Morgan Petroff is a speedy attack who is always quick to make a play. Explosive behind and around the cage, she knows exactly where to be at all times to help her team score. Morgan is a skilled player with excellent footwork and has the ability to shoot accurately - and with power. Fierce on the field and with excellent coaches on her side, she is a star in the making.

View Petroff's Tournament Highlight Reel Below

Major Accolades

While just a sophomore at Walton High School, she is already making waves in the Georgia lacrosse world. She's a star player on the varsity lacrosse team and an A+ student. View her recent academic and athletic accomplishments below:

  • Starter on Varsity Lacrosse Team as a Freshman (Spring 2021) | 6A-7A State Semi-Finalist

  • 2021 Nike American Select Team - Georgia

  • 2021 US Lacrosse National Team - Georgia Team Alternate

  • 2020 WPLL Futures Team

  • 2nd Place at Junior Classical League Convention - Latin I

  • Top Scholar - Latin I (2020/2021 Academic Year)

The Future

Morgan Petroff is just getting started. With the 2022 season almost among us, opposing teams are already constructing their playbooks to try to combat Petroff's dominant offense. With two years still to play at Walton after this season, she is bound to be one of Georgia's best female lacrosse players in the 2024 class. Continuing to play with the Eagle Stix program and working toward a state title at Walton, she is bound to succeed.

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