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King's Ridge Football | 2021 Season Documentary

The time is finally here to premiere the King's Ridge Football 2021 Season Documentary! Get ready for the ultimate viewing experience and strap in for an exciting 10 minutes where we tell the story of the King's Ridge Tigers in 2021.

Season Documentaries are the ultimate way to tell the story of your team. This is the best highlight reel to cap off a great year. Your team can hire our crew too! Contact our sports video production company today to produce your Season Documentary.

The King's Ridge Tigers - a team built of senior leaders, talented younger players, and a crew of excellent coaches had a great year. And you can view their story below.

This was definitely a season to remember for the Tigers! This football team made their school proud and exemplified the Tiger spirit throughout every game. Taking on tough competition, the Tigers battled hard all season long and left their mark on their school, their city, and their community.

We're so grateful to the King's Ridge program for utilizing our sports videography services to produce their Game Film and Season Documentary this season. Follow along with GAS as we cover spring sports for King's Ridge and tons of other teams in 2022.

Season Documentary / Behind the Scenes

Our goal with every Season Documentary is to first, celebrate your team and commemorate your players, staff, and school. Secondly, we want to bring viewers in directly onto the field. We give parents, families, and friends and inside look at what it's like to be in the huddle - unprecedented access like never before for high school teams. You can learn more about our services here.

Every Season Documentary is unique because every team is unique - each team has their own story and goals for the season. And we want to vividly tell the story of your team, promote your school, and showcase what your team is all about. So much of the game, whether it is football, lacrosse, or soccer is about culture. A Season Documentary is a remarkable way to focus on the culture of your athletic program.

Our sports videographers create a dialogue with your program to identify what your culture is and how we can best represent that on screen. Through research and detailed discussions, we create a film that represents your school in the best possible way.

Every Season Documentary includes the following:

  • Cinematic game footage at three of your games to bring viewers inside the huddle.

  • Aerial footage of your school and stadium

  • Your choice of interviews with the team and coaches or a script written by our sports filmmakers and read by a professional voiceover artist

  • Delivery prior to your team banquet

Inside the Edit

The Stats

Breaking it down by science - every one second of video is made up of 30 individual photographs! Our goal is to make every single frame have meaning and emotion. Here are the stats for this year's video:

  • Run time: 9 minutes and 26 seconds

  • Individual shots: 176

  • Frames of video: 11,580

Exclusive: The Full Script

Interested in reading the full script produced for this video? You can read it all below!

The Script

King’s Ridge Christian School: A premiere institution nestled in the heart of Alpharetta, Georgia. This is a school built on a foundation of trust, faith, and an unwavering support of each other.

This strength transcends the football program and embodies everything that the team put on the field in 2021.

This is the story of the King’s Ridge Tigers.

The King’s Ridge football program is headed up by Coach Terry Crowder, who is something of a legend in the Georgia football scene. Coach Clint Boling, a former UGA grad and NFL elite player brings his expertise to the team. In short, the football players at King’s Ridge have a golden opportunity to learn and thrive under top-notch leadership from the entire coaching staff.

But, even more importantly, the team is full of eager young guns, and their seniors are a mighty force of grit and determination. These seniors play a vital role in shaping the next generation of King’s Ridge football standouts. They’re the driving force behind the team’s success, and they exemplify what it means to be a Tiger - setting an example of what it means to be a leader.

King’s Ridge would open the season with a cold, wet win over the Greene County Tigers to start the season on a strong pace. Continuing their series of away games to start the season, the King’s Ridge Tigers would battle against a powerful Landmark Christian. On Friday, September 10, they traveled to Atlanta to face Eagles. This would be the game to set the tone for the season and show what the Tigers are really made of.

As the Tigers walked ran out onto their opposing team’s home field, they faced a loud, wild crowd. The energy was high – the Landmark Christian student body and fanbase were hyped up for their game against the Tigers - a team that they knew would require all the energy they could muster. Both teams were strong and the matchup was highly anticipated.

The first quarter started out slow, with neither team scoring a single point. Both defenses held up strong. But things would soon start to shift - King’s Ridge would soon unleash their full force.

Two interceptions – one by Nolan Raines and another by Brody Beach – ramped up the momentum in the Tigers’ favor. Once they got started, Landmark couldn’t stop them. They battled their way upfield. Finally, King’s Ridge scores their first points when quarterback Charlie Jones rushes the ball into the end zone.

Now, as they steamroll their way into the second half, King’s Ridge is up 7-0. Soon, Ethan Joseph catches a pass from Jones to put it in the end zone for a touchdown. Joseph runs unscathed for 67 yards to put an additional touchdown on the board. The momentum continued to build and the Tigers didn’t let up. They’re not the sort of team to get complacent when they get ahead. They finish what they start.

The final score: 33-7, Tigers. The King’s Ridge players could rest easy during their bus ride home, secure in the knowledge that all of their hard work and training during the off-season had paid off.

The Tigers continued to battle throughout the season. They managed to secure another win against Lakeview Academy, and they showed off their grit against the top-notch teams in the region. No one would battle harder than the Tigers.

The King’s Ridge football team never forgets that they owe much of their success to the rest of the student body. The students who attend King’s Ridge Christian School never fail to pack the stands in support of their players - their friends - their brothers. Hyping up the football team isn’t just a casual form of entertainment – it’s a whole culture. It’s a culture of close friends supporting each other, and of a school that takes pride in its identity. The Tigers attribute much of their success to the backing they receive from their peers.

The unending support of the student body carried the King’s Ridge football team all the way to their final game of the season. In many ways, the final game would echo the battle against Lakeview Academy. It was an away game for the Tigers, who faced the area’s newest school, East Forsyth. Both teams brought a ton of passion to the table. The captains of both teams took a moment to shake hands prior to the game. King’s Ridge seniors Ethan Joseph, Dean Giacobbe, and Charlie Jones walked to the center of the field to greet the opposing team’s captains. Joseph, Giacobbe, and Jones exemplify the Tiger spirit and have been strong leaders throughout the season.

When the starting whistle sounded both teams put their friendliness aside and got down to business. It’s time for kickoff. Dean Giocobbe managed to block a punt, giving the Tigers fantastic field position. They started off strong, and soon, Ethan Joseph seized the opportunity to run the ball in for an early touchdown. The Tigers were readying up to steamroll their competition. Just a few moments later in the game, Ethan Joseph seized another opportunity to score. He took a 90-yard touchdown run – almost the entire length of the field – and brought the Tigers up to a 14-0 lead against East Forsyth. The Tigers continued to charge on, and even when East Forsyth gained possession of the ball, the Tigers’ defense held like a steel wall against their advances.

Soon, Charlie Jones pulled off a phenomenal quarterback keeper, running down the left side of the field and bringing the score up to 27-0, Tigers. King’s Ridge was becoming more unstoppable by the minute. They rode a wave of adrenaline and excitement. Jones came in clutch again with a huge bomb thrown to Ethan Joseph for an impressive touchdown reception. Now, at half time, the score stood at 37-0, Tigers.

King’s Ridge came back from halftime to score one more touchdown – this one... secured by senior Jacob Garabadian. The final score would ring up to 44-0, Tigers. King’s Ridge managed to completely shutout East Forsyth, despite the opposition’s home field advantage. This final game shows just how dominant the Tigers will be in the upcoming season, and it’s a tribute to all of the intense training they put in on a daily basis.

The team’s consistent hard work will only lead to more and more success.

While it will be sad to see such a solid group of seniors go after this school year, it will also be exciting to see some of the younger players step up and fill their shoes, fulfilling the legacy that they have left behind.

The King’s Ridge football program spends a lot of time and energy focusing on the up-and- coming middle school players - the future of the varsity team. The middle school and junior Tigers have shown a lot of promise this year and have won countless games and even a championship title.

This team – and especially this team’s seniors – hav left their mark at King’s Ridge and have embodied everything that it means to be a Tiger. They’ve made their school proud and there are many great things ahead for this football program.

This is the story of the 2021 King’s Ridge Tigers.

What's Next?

So much is in store for King's Ridge football and this is just the beginning of an amazing legacy. Stay up to date with King's Ridge athletics and learn more about this amazing school at

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Thanks for watching this year's King's Ridge Football Season Documentary!


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