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An Amazing Year in Georgia Sports: 2018

It was a year that captivated the world of Georgia athletics like never before. From epic championship wins to awe-inspiring video and endless hype, 2018 had something for every sports enthusiast.

Every week, it seemed as though there was another story to follow and another team or athlete to cheer on with excitement. It was electrifying! Whether you’re an avid athlete yourself or have someone special in your life participating in southeast sports; this year saw some truly remarkable performances – performances so amazing they will be remembered for years to come. Here we look back at some of our favorite championship moments of 2018.

Milton Eagles Football at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

It was the summer of 2018 and we were about to embark on a journey that would be one to remember. We had been hired by the Milton Eagles football team to produce game film for them during their upcoming season. Coach Adam Clack called us stating that he has seen our work and would love to have us join the program as their official video provider. We would provide two camera angles from the press box and send a live feed to the sideline for coaches to review in-game. Little did we know, this job would take us places we never imagined going and give us opportunities few ever get.

The night finally came when Milton took on their biggest rival, the Colquitt Packers, in what promised to be an epic battle between two legendary teams. The atmosphere inside that stadium is something none of us will ever forget - you could feel every emotion radiating through those stands as both sides fought it out until late into the fourth quarter when Milton scored just enough points for a 14-13 victory over Colquitt! It felt like everyone left with a sense accomplishment knowing they had witnessed something special that night at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Since then, we've filmed every single year for Milton Eagles Football team and have also gotten opportunities visiting other professional stadiums around America too which has made for some truly unforgettable experiences along this journey!

Major League Lacrosse Championship in Charleston, South Carolina

In August 2018, the GAS video crew had the ultimate adventure. Throughout the 2018 season, Major League Lacrosse contracted with GAS to provide highlights of multiple teams and players throughout the league including some of the biggest names in lacrosse at the time including: Paul Rabil, Deemer Class, Rob Pannell, Myles Thompson, and more. Pleased with the work that we had done throughout the season, MLL made the decision to hire us to travel from Atlanta to Charleston, South Carolina for a major video shoot: the Major League Lacrosse Championship game between the Denver Outlaws and Dallas Rattlers. We would tell the story of the weekend in an epic, cinematic recap.

Andrew and Michael Jeschke of GAS arrived at MUSC Health Stadium in Charleston ready to work. As they began filming, they met some of lacrosse's legends including Casey Powell - not to mention Hollywood actors who were huge lacrosse fans! The atmosphere was electric as Denver took an early lead over Dallas in what looked set to be an epic battle.

Halfway through the game things took a turn for the worse when it began pouring rain in the low country. Despite being soaked through, GAS continued with their mission; doing whatever it took to make sure they got all of their shots right. It seemed that nothing could stop them… even mother nature! And funny thing is - the rain while hard to shoot in, makes for some epic shots.

The Denver Outlaws eventually secured victory with a 16-12 win against Dallas, making this an unforgettable experience for GAS who celebrated alongside everyone else after such an exciting event. In total chaos or perfect harmony – GAS Digital Productions never lost focus on what mattered most: capturing amazing footage no matter how crazy conditions became!

Lambert Longhorns Have a Perfect Season

It was May 19, 2018. The Lambert Longhorns Lacrosse team had made it to the State Championship, and they were ready to compete for glory! After an undefeated season, this would be their final challenge on the way to a perfect record. Prior the championship, the Longhorns would defeat the Centennial Knights in overtime to make it to this moment.

The Lambert Longhorns departed from their hotel in Atlanta early that morning, and set out with determination toward Kennesaw State University where 5th/3rd Bank Stadium awaited them. As they arrived at the stadium, energy filled the air as fans of both teams cheered for their respective favorites. It was hot outside - 86 degrees - but on that field it felt like 100! Despite this obstacle, however, nothing could stop the Longhorns from doing what they do best: playing lacrosse.

The game began with intense focus and enthusiasm; every member of the crowd knew that something extraordinary was about to take place. In true Lambert fashion, the Longhorns pulled through and won defeated the Lassiter Trojans12-6! The fan couldn't contain themselves any longer - their team had done it and the crowd rushed the field! The Longhorns were 22-0 and standing victorious at last after one of the most exhilarating seasons anyone has ever witnessed.

Ever since that incredible season, we've been proud sponsors of Lambert's lacrosse program as well as the of official video game footage and their Season Documentary so everyone can relive each thrilling moment over again.

These have been some truly epic moments to capture throughout the years.

From championship wins to the nation's best stadiums, it's been an incredible journey. We're thankful for being able to work with so many great athletes, families, and organizations - and we can't wait to experience more great moments with you all. As your story unfolds, let us document your great adventures with a Season Documentary and produce Game Film for you to relive again and again.

So why not join in the fun? Get excited and fired up, because the best is still yet to come! Are you ready? Let us help make your sports dreams come true – just get in contact with us today if you love what we do and want us to tell your story. Here’s to more awesome games, more champions and even more epic stories together!


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