You can only make one first impression on college coaches. The 12 play package is the ultimate package for showcasing your top 12 plays.


The premium highlight includes:

  • Real-time tracking isolation graphics with team branding and player information

  • Two custom intro biography slides

  • Outro page with athlete references

  • Set to music

  • 10 day delivery

  • YouTube link delivery

12 Play Highlight Package

Include Cinematic Footage*
  • After purchasing your highlight film, an email containing the highlight film questionnaire will be sent to the email address provided during checkout.

    Complete the athlete questionnaire by providing us with essential information to include in your film such as: name, graduation year, academic and athletic information, stats, and the plays to include in your film. Also, be sure to include two great photos of your athlete for their intro biography slides.

    A spreadsheet is provided in the questionnaire to list your athlete's best plays and instructions on how to give GAS access to your video files.

    Have further questions about your custom highlight film? Contact our Creative Director here:


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